The freedom of Tech and Public Clouds

March 4, 2019

Lyft pays 8M/month for AWS services, and plan to spend 300M till 2021 - here the Businessinsider article. Even when Lyft doesn’t match the numbers they have to pay the full amount - a deep lock-in, according to different media coverages.

We as founder of had this experience over the last years very often. The term “Digital Transformation” drives stable Enterprises into unknown territorry - and here they have to compete with modern, fast and agile working companies, often succeed by simply working without long decision layers and internal politics. Even those modern companies often fall into love with a public cloud, because it is cheap, always there and nealry unlimited scalable. And this comes with a huge price tag, among with data amount based lockin. It is not easy to move away to another provider and copy terrabytes of data.

What makes different?

We decided to build a complete new IoT solution as truly cloud native, avoiding patent and infrastructure lock-in using and invent the newest software tech. The goal is simple, companies and business should not depend on 3rd parties toolsets, clouds or providers. Using kubernetes as infrastructure layer, kafka as topic layer, graph as permission layer and a fully transparent, easy to use API are the key points of infinimesh, defined as USP. Written in Go and using lightweight JS components as UI layer the software stack runs everywhere, even without kubernetes. And since we wrote our own MQTT broker we are able to make MQTT endpoints transparent, so that a move from a cloud to another one doesn’t affect the device fleet. IoT and IIoT changes the world, generates more data and does not need to suffer from complex systems, lock-ins or toolsets. This is our vision.